Balanced Living Philosophy

Balanced Living Philosophy

The Balanced Living Philosophy of the The Peace Table is simple: all things in balance lead to harmonious and healthy living.

Often, when we exude symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, colds, immune deficiencies, etc., we focus on just the symptoms presented in front of us. What we are missing is the bigger picture. The other aspects of health that we often glaze over in an attempt to relieve the immediate inconveniences of our body shouting at us, letting us know something is wrong.

Balanced Living Philosophy takes a look at all aspects of well-being.

Looking at health from the perspective of balance allows you to delve deeper into the root of the disparity in your life. For example, I’ve had clients who have struggled with their weight for as long as they can remember. When we get talking about the foods they eat and why they make those choices, I often find that food was never the issue. This issue is stress and stress management. Turning to food in times of emotional turmoil instead of facing the issue head on. Is it tough? You betcha! I am the queen of sweeping things under the rug to avoid conflict. Always choose love is my mantra and to me that means avoiding unnecessary conflict. But at what cost? The cost is deteriorating health, and now is your time to make a change.

Live a life in balance. Live a life you are proud of, a life that encourages and empowers you to thrive. Create a mental check list and check-in with yourself every so often. Are all areas of your life in balance? If not, where can some changes be made? Where can we start shifting so that we can align our body, mind, and soul?

Like all good things, this takes time. Time to re-learn who we are, time to re-train our bodies into thriving, time to get to know the signs and nuances our body sends us when it is off balance. To be honest, being in tune with your body is one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. Take the time create balance, you so deserve it!

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