The Gift of the Farmer’s Market

The Gift of the Farmer’s Market

Waking up early Saturday mornings are so worth it to me when I realize it’s Farmers Market day. This may seem silly to some, but here me out for a moment. When you walk into a grocery store these days, walk up to glossy looking apples and read where they’re from, its shocking to find that they have travelled quite a distance to get to you on the shelf in your local market.

Why is this shocking you may ask?

It’s shocking because we have local farmers here who work their butts off to produce healthy, sustainable food. It’s shocking when you think about the amount of fuel that it takes just to get them over here to us. It’s shocking because these apples (for example) have been picked weeks before we’ve seen them and then are covered in a glossy wax to paint the image that they were picked in a picturesque orchard mere hours before.

Why are we so removed from our food?

Supporting local Farmer’s markets means not only supporting our local farmer’s businesses, but it also means providing our bodies with whole, nourishing foods. Foods that are still dense with nutrients because unlike the apples that took weeks to get to us, these foods were just picked hours prior to being sold at the market.

It also helps us to make purchases of foods that are in season. When you think about it, it doesn’t really make sense to be eating berries in the dead of winter when it takes sun and warmth to help them grow. Alternately, squash and root veggies tend to be heavier and warming, something our bodies don’t need in the heat of the summer.

Check out:¬† to see what’s in season locally here in Ontario, and let that guide your food shopping adventures!

Hint: the guess work is done for you at the Farmer’s Market already because they only grow and sell what’s in season!

And yes, wine is included at these Markets sometimes and you bet I’m going to stop for a taste….at 10am…’s a Saturday people! ūüėČ


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