Movement Required

Movement Required

Full disclosure, I am no movement expert. I’m not a yoga instructor, I’m not a pilates instructor, I’m not a personal trainer (does dating one count?), I have no authority on anything to do with fitness or movement. What I do know however, is the importance of movement to a well-balanced body, mind, and soul.

Don’t get me wrong, on most days I pull out every excuse in the book. Literally every excuse I can think of. I know that my sweetheart can attest to that! Perks (/downsides..depending on my mood that day) of dating a personal trainer is that he has heard it all, from being too tired, to it being too cold outside, to not wanting to leave your dog because he looks lonely….yep, I’ve pulled that one out on more than one occasion. Point is, he doesn’t take no for an answer and I am so grateful for that because the mental clarity and physical relief that comes from even 45 minutes of movement is indescribable.

I’m not saying sign up for a marathon, unless that’s your jam. But what I am saying (to you and to myself) is that moving your body daily doesn’t have to be a chore and to be honest, it really shouldn’t be looked at as such. Moving is self care and it is a part of a balanced life. Make it fun and exciting, switch it up, try new things, figure out ways you can incorporate it daily!

Walking lunges on the way to the bathroom in the office? Been there. Squat challenge with the ladies at work? Yup. Random dancing episode in my basement to loud music? Check. Being dragged to the gym kicking and screaming but ending up loving it? You betcha!

Find what works for you. Movement is key, so we’ve all gotta just learn to love it 

P.S for all of you who have zero issues getting your booty moving each and every day….teach me your ways!!

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