The Power of a Positive Thought + Tips to Set Your Own Intentions

The Power of a Positive Thought + Tips to Set Your Own Intentions

It is easy to get caught up in the ebbs and flows of life, feeling really high and giddy when something goes well, and alternately, really low and depressed when something does not. For some reason, as a society, we tend to get stuck on these things that maybe aren’t going so well for us. We can have 10 great, fabulous, exciting days in a row, but then, maybe we apply for a job that we don’t get, or get into an argument with someone close to us. Then, all of the sudden, it seems like nothing is going right. Like that one negative scenario has now triggered a snowball effect and nothing is going to go right for us ever again in our lives!


All it takes is one moment, one breath, one positive thought, to change your whole entire day. Just think what would happen if we took the time to love ourselves instead of being hard on ourselves for the mistakes we have perceived to have happened.

On a side note: why are we all so scared of mistakes? Who said they are a bad thing? I mean, sure you might upset someone or disappoint them. But at the end of the day, you are here to learn, to explore, to create, to inspire, to teach, and to love. How can all of that happen without a mistake or two, or ten, along the way? Trust me, I would much rather learn from someone who has tried and failed over and over than from someone who had smooth sailing along the way. Where is the fun and excitement in easy and safe?

Back to my point, all it takes is one positive thought to get the ball rolling in terms of your thought processes for the rest of the day. Take 5 minutes each morning and write down 3 intentions for your day. At the end of your intentions, write yourself a little note as to why you are amazing. This short exercise will set your mind up in a way that you become open to whatever the day has to offer. By setting intentions, you are creating your path. You are telling the universe that you are no longer fearful, but you are ready to take on your day from the most positive and happiest of places. I’ve yet to have one bad day after setting intentions at the beginning of it!

Now, I know for someone who has never set intentions, or even written in a journal, or has never even owned a journal before, this process can seem silly, or overwhelming, or maybe you’re wondering what on earth I even mean by all of this!

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t overthink it. Write what comes naturally to you based off what you are feeling.

2. Set intentions with power. Put meaning behind the intention and send out a clear request.

3. Envision what it will look like when your intention takes place. Feel the emotions, visualize the activity, focus your energy on watching your intention unfold.

4. Repeat your intention to yourself as you go about your day. Remind yourself why you set it and the energy you have put into ensuing it will happen.

5. Use intentions as the centre point of your meditation. This will place more thought and energy into the greatness that is your intention.

That’s all she wrote folks! Simple as that. It doesn’t take long, but the repercussions of setting intentions and thinking positively are powerful.

Give it a shot, see that changes that happen.

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