You Wont Find Inspiration in a Basement

You Wont Find Inspiration in a Basement

Take it from someone who currently calls a basement apartment her home, you will not find inspiration in a basement. Although I love the cozy little home I have created, it is hard to draw inspiration from somewhere you live day in and day out. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it is some of you too. But if I have learned anything about being creative its this, inspiration comes from going out and exploring the world around you.

Staying stuck in a bubble will leave your brain stuck in a bubble.

Ever find yourself stuck in a writer’s block? Knowing wholeheartedly that you have the ability to create yet you sit crippled at your desk, hunched over a computer, typing letter after letter and it all looks like gibberish at the end of it all.

Been there.

Throw some anxiety in the mix and you’re stuck in your own head, fearing something that you have created in your mind. For me it is the fear of failure. I know that I am not alone in that sentiment, yet it still hinders me from time to time.

Exhibit A: I had a couple days off work and I was so ready to dive into writing. Ideas flow through me throughout the day and I knew by the time I sat down, words would spill out of me.


I woke up late. Made coffee. Read a book. Made more coffee. Watched some Grey’s. Made another coffee.

You get the point, no writing was done. I sat at my desk for hours trying to be creative. I got up, did a little dance, got the blood flowing. Sat down and still nothing came out.

You won’t find inspiration in a basement. Or a house. Or an apartment.

Inspiration is out in the world, exploring places you have never been before.

Maybe it is the monarchs flying overhead towards the milkweed. Maybe it is the couple sitting at the coffee shop, looking at each other with all the love in the world. Or maybe it is in a new book you pick up at the bookstore.

Inspiration is everywhere and it is up to you to find it.

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