Sitting With Your Thoughts

Sitting With Your Thoughts

Our minds are interesting machines. They have the ability to make decisions for us, they can replay scenarios over and over again, but best of all they can take ONE thought and turn it into A MILLION thoughts. This is what I like to refer to as the snowball effect. Actually, its more like magic really, watch…..

“I look fat today. I can’t find any nice clothes to wear. My make up is not going to look good. Oh gosh, just put on whatever, it doesn’t even matter. Is everyone else going to think I look fat today? Are they going to think it in their head and not say anything to me but really they’ll be thinking about it and I know they’ll be thinking about it. I can’t go to work today. If I look fat then people will judge me and I cant do my job if people are judging me. Okay, let me just go to my favourite coffee shop and get some coffee, That will make me feel better. Let me get a muffin too, I know it will make me feel better…”

Shall I continue?

Let’s stop for a moment and sit with our thoughts. You see, the thing is, our thoughts only snowball if we let them and let me let you in on a little secret, we don’t have to let them! They have no power unless you give them power. If you decide not to listen to a negative thought then it has no where to go but out of your head. There is no longer space in there for it to linger and taunt you. If you immediately think of a new, happy thought and give that thought your attention, that is what will stay.

Here’s the thing, at first it is easy to let your negative thoughts snowball because it is out of your control, you just sit back and watch the snowball build. It takes WORK to focus on the positive thoughts at first because it doesn’t come natural. But eventually, your brain will be so used to thinking positively that it will become second nature.

Listen, you were not born into creation to live a life of negative thoughts. You’ve got to trust me on this one. Let’s take the first step in changing the negative headspace you’ve been living in.

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