Today I Choose… Patience

Today I Choose… Patience

I was talking to a good friend recently about each other’s lives and how we were feeling about growing up. We kept saying how much farther we should be in our careers or how much more established we should be in life. Simultaneously we stopped talking and took a deep breath.

Why are we being so hard on ourselves?

To believe you should be anywhere other than where you are at this exact moment is silly. I say time and time again that we should be living in the here and now, yet I often find myself thinking I should be anywhere but here.

In today’s fast-paced, social media fuelled world, it is easy to think that you should be somewhere you’re not. It’s not your fault, you are constantly being told to buy the new best thing, to gain as many followers as you can, to go from there to here and here to there.

When you go home at night is when you have to face the facts. Are you who you want to be?

Ask yourself that. Is your answer aligned with how you are living?

To be honest, someone is ALWAYS going to have something to say about how you choose to live your life. A computer screen has given people a voice they wouldn’t otherwise have.

When you find yourself thinking that you should be somewhere that you’re not. Take a deep breath. Practice patience. Know that everything you need is taken care of by the universe but it is not given to you until you are ready for it.

That is a lesson I am currently learning so I am on this journey with you.

Trust. Believe. Be patient.

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