About TPT

About TPT

The Peace Table is a holistic health and lifestyle website designed to create a space of inspiration and wellness. It is meant to bring people together and promote a lifestyle in which everyone is encouraged to live their best life.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lauren and I am the creator of The Peace Table. I have always had a passion for health and wellness. I love studying the intricacies of the body and seeing the connection of food and how it has an impact on mind, body, and soul. I see the body as a synergistic energy that needs to be nourished through many facets including nutrition, self-care, exercise, meditation, adventure, and so on. I focus on reducing stress, elevating positive energy frequencies and creating a lifestyle that promotes total balance and well-being. There is no final destination to achieve, but always a journey to navigate. This is the mindset that sparked the idea for The Peace Table. The Peace Table is your place for connection, nourishment, and total well-being. It is a place without judgement, to sit and get lost in stories, to get inspired by others, and to learn something new. It is a place of positivity and of kindness. My hope is that you feel connected to your body, mind,  and soul as well as everyone around you.

I invite you to read, interact, learn, share, and enjoy what you see on this site. Use it to guide your next natural health purchase, or to be inspired to go on an adventure. Pull recipe ideas that will nourish you, or read stories that will ignite your soul.

This is a space for you, for us.

Welcome to The Peace Table!